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Going Home

The car stopped
And, so did my heart.

Drifting towards the known

A stranger

Gripped with fear of the unknown.

The longest walk,

the shortest distance.

Rooted to the spot, transfixed

My hands reached for the door.

Feeble knocks turned louder.

A cacophony of sounds

A welter of emotions.

Converging at the doorstep

Of a place called Home.

There she was,

Dressed in white,

Questioning a tear-drenched face.

Her eyes probing for recognition.

Epiphany struck

And her arms enveloped the stranger.

Reluctantly, clumsily – apprehensively,

Albeit strongly.

‘Welcome Home’ she said.

Her voice reverberated through the stillness.

The brick house, now painted green

Deodar windows, now white.

Three walnut trees


Residents- Unknown.

I sat – broken – on the stairs,

Mind clouded with confusion.

A long wait over,

fantasy wrecked

This was not Home!


Thanks Bhawna for penning these lines which evoke melancholy. A tragedy that has been – Pandits leaving their homes.


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