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It’s been too long that I posted.

When Sajjad Lone decided to try his luck and his party’s support base and jumped into the fray for Lok Sabha elections – for a very brief moment – I felt Kashmiris may finally be getting more pragmatic than they have ever been.

Then came the comments from Farooq Abdullah about the possibility of a Double Omar (sic) accord and his offer to Hurriyat to join NC and Hurriyat countering that offer – and Farooq Sb saying he will think after elections are over (We all know it’s a charade) it seemed like things are taking a turn – for the better or worse – no idea but definitely things might be changing.

Abbas Ansari’s statements then brightened up hopes even more that may be in the changed world order, Kashmiris know how to re-orient their struggle.

And then comes the bang in the shape of you all know – need I say – a flight lands from Delhi and a special passengers goes back to basics (of 90s), an elderly leader of masses thunders and there you have – protests in Rajouri Kadal, stone pelting in Nowhatta and ding dong battles in Maisuma. A Sumo is torched (I can bet it was owned by a Kashmiri), CRPF gets a dose of its own and is beaten by its own lathis. And then what would happen next ? Nothing much will change, the same scene will continue to be played everytime. Why? This is downtown for you. And I am proud to say I am part of this.

But right now, I am miles and miles and miles away from those narrow alleys of Kadi Kadal and Kamangar Pora but I know the sentiment in Shahar-e-Khaas has always been different than it would be in the so-called posh areas of the city. Even the rural folks think vary differently than the urbane populace. Is it the sentiment attached to the “tehreek” the reason for the boycott or is it the indifference that my friends from Saraf Kadal won’t vote? I hate to say it but I would be really surprised to know that the reason was totally one-sided.


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