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I am back

Hi Manish, Mharaj, Sandeep and our latest visitor Aastha,

I must say I have a very good chance of being in the Guiness Book of Records for being the blog-admin who had taken this long a hiatus (professional and personal reasons kept me away). Apologies for the same. I am sure in between, there have been discussions / arguments and at times slanders thrown in either direction which is not acceptable.

Now onwards, I promise to be a bit more regular. Since it’s day 1 after a long break for me, so I may not be able to respond to many comments but still would like to express my point of view on some of the questions raised or some comments posted here by visitors.

I have always encouraged healthy discussions on this blog but it does seem to me, that quite often this blog is used by some people to just vent out their sentiment here – whether or not it makes any connection to the post. That is what has been happening of late, many of us indulging in mud-slinging and I must say in certain cases, things mentioned could not be far from the reality.

I do not necessarily have to agree with everyone’s views and have really liked people sharing their views even if it doesn’t conform to the stereotyped image. For example my last post which was about the influx of non-Kashmiri labourers to Kashmir, the discussion was quite a healthy one and surprisingly one Kashmiri Muslim (who had this strange fantasy of working in Srinagar Airport) while hitting the keys from the land of Uncle Sam was vehemently opposing every thought of asking Bihari labourers to leave Kashmir.

Fair enough, if he is indeed a Kashmiri he is entitled to have his opinion as I do. And he has a right to say whether or not he wants Bihari migrants to set up their abode in Kashmir, Now whether or not it happens is entirely a different story.

But the same post has been totally hijacked by some blog visitors and all they have been doing is posting material to demean the other community and then in the same breath comment how the quality of this blog has gone down.  I would like to remind them, a place visited by everyone is as good or as bad as the people who grace it by their presence. Once something is public (as I am happy to say this blog is with no restriction on the relevant content you want to post) it stops being an individual responsibility. One who likes to just spew venom, may he kindly excuse the fellow bloggers here.

One of our bloggers opines that carrying Trishuls in hand is not an offence at all – I guess it suits him that he calls himself an avenger. I wonder why he needs one. Needless to say I am not sure that post can stay long. If you want to avenge, please do so, but not here.

Hopefully, the avenger sees reason in discussing and not avenging. An age old saying .. An eye for eye leaves the whole world blind… A Trishul for a gun, though no match but damages equally.

Till we see each other again.

Juz A Kashmiri


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